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When Hubert D'Ornano founded Sisley in 1976, the aromatherapy and herbal medicine wave had not yet swept across Europe. At the time, the use of plants and essential oils in beauty products was a very innovative idea. Hubert d'Ornano understood very early on that the plant world offered a considerable field of research - there are about 800,000 different plants on earth - since human life depends on plants from which he draws all the substances to breathe, eat and drink. to heal. As a true pioneer, he specializes his laboratories in phytocosmetology and chooses to use the best of plants to create the best of cosmetics.


les Soins Sisley : Sisleÿa, Sisleÿum, etc…
Le maquillage Sisley : Le Phyto-Maquillage, Skinleya, Phyto-touche, Phyto-teint, Transmat, Phyto-Poudre, L'Orchidée
Les Parfums Sisley : Eau du Soir, Eau de Campagne, Soir de Lune, etc,…

Phytocosmetology consists of using natural plant extracts in beauty products. To create the highest quality products, Sisley selects only the best plant species in its class, focuses on using the part of the plant that is most effective for the problem at hand, chooses the country or region where it is found. plant is the best, and finally, harvest the plant when it gives the most efficient active ingredients. With method and rigor and through a process that can last several years, Sisley laboratories then search for the best dosages and combinations to respond in the most comprehensive way to a given problem, in order to develop a high-performance and very complete formulation. It is only after this long process and once the efficacy of the product is established that it is marketed.


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